Magic Wand Icon Redesign

Mar 5, 2021

I had the chance to redesign one of the most-used and yet smallest and easiest-to-miss elements in the nCino interface. It’s been two years since the update rolled out, but I’m proud to announce that it’s become my first blog post on Medium. Check out my first article about the Product Design team at nCino responded to user feedback and created a new icon, while also maintaining the playfulness and fun of the original Magic Wand icon:

The Magic Wand Makeover: How nCino’s Product Design Team Responds to Customer Feedback


Senior Product Designer Promotion

Nov 1, 2019

Two years into my journey at nCino, I am very proud and excited to announce that I have been promoted to Senior Product Designer. Our Product Design team has grown from 4 when I started to now 9 talented and creative individuals, and the need arose to have more seasoned members of our team to take lead on the strategy and direction of the product and to mentor newer designers. So I’m thrilled to lead up our team’s design efforts across our Commercial and Platform portfolios, to be involved on multiple features in a strategic capacity, and to work ahead on exciting initiatives to determine the design and experience of our product for the future.

Hackathon Illustration

Oct 20, 2019

Every year, nCino hosts a company-wide hackathon, where employees from every department form teams to spend 4 days creating an innovative project outside of work. For the third hackathon in row, I had the pleasure of developing the graphics to advertise the event, which for the first time spanned participants across multiple continents. I developed a “Something Wicked This Way Codes” Halloween theme that was used for digital banners, posters, and stickers.

Hackathon Poster

UVA Careers in Design Panel

Feb 25, 2019

My alma mater, the University of Virginia, is building out a career counseling program dedicated to the Creative Arts, Media & Design. My old career counselor, who had been instrumental in helping me realize my drive to pursue design as a career, reached out to me as an example of a graduate who found a fulfilling job in the design field. The department was putting together a panel of speakers and asked me to be a part of it. I was thrilled to get to return to my college campus as an example of success in my field and to inspire current students about the career opportunities and avenues open to them in the general field of design. I fielded questions about product design, gave advice on resumes and internships, and shared my views on what I think is exciting about the design world today.

Here’s the flyer that features an embarrassing headshot of myself and biography.


An Event Apart

Oct, 2018

I had the pleasure and honor of attending An Event Apart design conference in Orlando, Fl. Described as a web design conference for UX professionals and font-end experts was three non-stop days of inspiring speakers and topics, all set in the beautiful backdrop of Disney. It was the first design conference that I’ve attended, and boy did it set the bar high! I heard talks that ranged from how to create and maintain design systems, how to scale meaningful automation with AI and machine learning, and how motion and sound elements can be designed to express emotion and personality.

Wilmington Artwork

Sep, 2018

Hurricane Florence hit my new home town of Wilmington, NC particularly hard, and during the recovery and cleanup, I was inspired to make this artwork.


Hackathon Project

Jun, 2018

Every six months at nCino, the entire Product Development and Engineering Department participates in a 2-day hackathon. I created a custom illustration and poster to advertise the event around the office.


Then I joined a team to participate in the event, and the problem that we wanted to solve was that of assigning different employees and roles to teams for each of our bi-annual releases. Our concept allowed managers to create development teams, to assign different members to different roles on each one, and to track the history, experience, and performance of each team and individual employee. We spent two days brainstorming the concept, designing the UI, and building out an initial data model that allowed us to deliver a working piece of software for judging and review. I’m happy to report that our team won the “Sparkle” award for exceptional design.


Product Designer at nCino

Nov, 2017

nCino is the self-described worldwide leader in cloud banking. I was just hired as the company’s newest product designer, where I’ll work as part of the Product Development and Engineering department to design the experience for banker’s loan origination and operating systems.

Christmas Lettering

Dec, 2017

I love using the holidays as an excuse to practice and learn more hand-lettering techniques. Inspired by some card designs I found on Pinterest, I created these as my family’s holiday cards.


Agile Development Course

Aug, 2017

I enrolled in a course taught by Alex Cowan, an entrepreneur and the creator of the Venture Design Process, on Coursera. His Agile Development Specialization is a semester-long, 5-part course designed to help students master an adaptive approach to product development.

Interactive Designer

Aug – Nov, 2017

I moved to NC to pursue a job as an Interactive Graphic Designer at Electrolux. I worked primarily on the Frigidaire brand, creating graphics and layouts for their website. After a short time working on their new internal digital marketing team though, it became apparent that their team was in need of a different level of management and expertise, so I left on amicable terms to explore other opportunities.

Launched Realtor Website

Nov, 2017

One of my projects at nectar ICC had been to design and develop a website for local Charlottesville realtor Grier Murphy. I continued to polish and refine her site and got feedback on copy throughout the summer, and I’m happy to announce that the site successfully launched this fall. Check it out at


Mural Painting

Jul, 2017

During my summer spent job hunting, I frequented a CrossFit gym that was looking for someone to help them with a mural. They wanted the letters “CROSSFIT” to fill the space above one of the doors in their gym. I got to go back to my fine art roots and do a three-foot-tall freehand lettering mural in black, acrylic paint as trade for a few free visits to the gym.


Smoothie App

Jun, 2017

I developed the concept of a smoothie ordering app for a local gym in Charlottesville, VA. They currently handle all of their order through a physical counter, but I wanted to imagine what it be like for customers to be able to order smoothies ahead and schedule them to be ready and waiting at the end of a workout. For more information and screens, check out my Smoothie App Case Study.


Wedding Invitations

Jun, 2017

My best friend is getting married in October, and she asked me to design her wedding invitations. Her favorite colors and the ones she chose for her wedding are orange and gray, so I did a custom illustration and laid out invitations to be sent to all of her guests.


Launched Patina Wealth

May, 2017

I just launched a website for nectar’s client, Patina Wealth. As an agency, we rebranded the client from “Piedmont Financial” and created a new logomark for them. I then designed their website and art-directed a photoshoot to develop their photography assets. I developed the site using WordPress, and you can view it at


Launched Hot Yoga Cville

May, 2017

Just finished an incredibly fun project: redesigning and rebuilding a hot yoga website for a local Charlottesville studio. Check out the finished product at


Drinking Ledger App

Apr, 2017

When I decided that I wanted to transition from web design into product design, the advice that I got was just to jump in and try my hand at it. So as a first step, I designed my own app and called it My Drinking Ledger. It was born out of my own needs and frustration as a craft cocktail connoisseur, and my process is outline in a case study.


Anchor Drawing

Apr, 2017

My cousin just had a nautical wedding at the beach. I did an anchor illustration and some hand-lettering to decorate a card for the occasion.